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Better Call Saul: Full-Length Trailer Is Finally Here!

The long-awaited Better Call Saul trailer is finally here! Click to see!

Source: Breaking Bad

Source: Breaking Bad

After months of filling our Breaking Bad come-down with painfully short and vague teaser trailers of Better Call Saul, a full-length two-minute trailer has finally been released. At long last! And it most definitely isn’t a disappointment. Take a look at the new trailer here:

Surprisingly though, this trailer reveals a darker and more intense version of the show than the comedy style we were first expecting, with scenes of Jimmy McGill (a young Saul) finding himself in some serious situations.

The first season of Better Call Saul will premier on AMC on Feb 8, and will follow on Netflix sometime after which is still to be confirmed. We can’t wait to see which way the show will pan out!

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