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The BI Norwegian Business School Are Looking To Make You Famous! | Sponsored

If any of you may be looking to pursue a career in business, then the BI Norwegian Business School are on a mission to give one applicant quite a “flying start”.

They are selecting one student this autumn semester to become actually famous!

The person selected will have the chance to be pre-introduced to everyone by being on billboards throughout the city, they will be in magazines with their own spread, have a documentary about them on national TV, their skills will be highlighted to potential employers and basically they will be given the biggest kick-start to their career of all time. The video is even claiming there will be vending machines giving away free drinks with your face on that are activated by saying your name correctly. Madness!

With BI being  among the world’s top 1% when it comes to business schools, this experience could be a life changer with the added bonus of experiencing all the joys that being in Norway has to offer.

So if you fancy getting a potential huge boost in your career, all you need to do is apply to a programme at BI and keep your fingers crossed that you are selected. We will look out for you on TV!

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Check out the video above for more information!

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