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LG’s OLED TV Makes Star Wars Look Even Better! | Sponsored

LG take their TVs to the next level with OLED technology.

With the announcement that BBC Three is going completely online, it’s clear that we are entering a time where Smart TV’s are essential for our entertainment needs. 4K Smart TV’s have established themselves in our homes over the past few years, but what’s the next step?

LG has found a way to enhance the quality of your Ultra HD with a brand new technology, OLED. This new way of viewing gives the viewer even deeper detail and especially in the colour black. When watching a film like Batman or Star Wars for example, the use of black is essential. Just think about Batman’s flowing black cape, or X-Wings flying toward the Death Star from their base on Yavin IV. OLED adds extra detail and quality to these iconic films thanks to its state of the art technology.

What makes this possible is OLED needs no backlight. Each individual pixel can emit light on its own. This enables OLED to create the perfect shades of black and an infinite contrast ratio; impossible with a backlight. The shift to OLED TV is said to be of the same importance as the smartphone was for the mobile phone industry.

Once You Go Perfect Black, You’ll Never Go Back!

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