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The Man With A Radio Museum In His Shed! | Sponsored

Gerry the Radiostar!


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This post is sponsored by Safestore.

Humans are strange. Unlike most other creatures on this planet, well maybe with the exception of the Magpie, we seem to have an obsession with collecting things. From Pokemon cards, to vintage cars and stamps, we just love collecting anything and everything.

One guy who loved collecting was Gerry Wells, who in his years gathered quite a unique, and huge, collection of wireless radios….in his garden shed!

His self-confessed obsession started during his childhood. As a young lad, Gerry used the shed at the bottom of his garden as a workshop and bought home and repaired unwanted radios; his mother even said: “if you don’t buck your ideas up and conform, you will still be mucking about at the bottom of the garden in fifty years’ time” and she was right – don’t you hate it when mums are right? Gerry eventually ended up with such an impressive collection his shed soon became a museum of radio nostalgia.

Unfortunately Gerry, who became as important as the radios to the museums visitors, sadly passed away in 2014.

Inspired by Gerry’s incredible collection, Safestore have chosen to include him in their latest collector’s series that aims to challenge the modern minimalist and throw-away culture. Dave Cox, Marketing Director said: “Collecting ‘stuff’ brings joy to a great number of people – Gerry Wells was living proof of this” he continued to say “If we all lived by minimalist rules we’d have no one like Gerry in this world who successfully preserved our past for future generations”.

“Every lifestyle website and magazine you read tell you to declutter in order to have a healthy mind”, Mr Cox continues. “It can’t be true that the only route to happiness is to live in a world devoid of memories. We’re championing people’s stuff because stuff is great”.

Mr Cox makes a great point; not only does the collection document an era but preserves a personal form of happiness that only these radios share with Gerry. Stuff can be great!

Interested in seeing more collections? Visit the Safestore website here and find out more about Gerry’s collection here and in the video below.

Pet Radio

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