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Was It A Bad Internet Connection That Killed Poanbone The Smashivator? #LifeOnTrial | Sponsored

Online game developers beware!

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When the great warrior Poanbone The Smashivator (real life name Alan Fairley)  dies due to server lag during a raid on the online game Jewel Of Mendora, the games creator Reginald Withers is summoned to court to face the jury for Poanbones grizzly demise.

It appears having a decent internet connection could have saved a court/manslaughter charge according to this new comedy sketch from TSIC. This is what happens when online life comes real-life. #LifeOnTrial

How will Reginald fare against the angry gamers who have lost their beloved online friend? You can watch the whole video below. Let’s hope there’s no lag!

“There’s no such thing as online life. Just life.”

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Sponsored by TSIC (TeliaSonera International Carrier).

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