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Wreck It Ralph (Official Trailer!)

Check out the latest trailer for Disney’s new toon; Wreck-It Ralph here!

Disney’s new animation Wreck-It Ralph is what dreams are made of… if you are transported back into the 90s where video games consisted of saving princesses and not fighting wars! The film follows video game villain Ralph (John C Reilly), who is bored after decades of doing the same thing over and over again; smashing buildings while the hero (who looks rather like Super Mario) fixes what he destroys. So Ralph decides to jump into other video games such as Hero’s Duty (a poor man’s Call Of Duty) and a candy-coated, girly racing game called Sugar Rush, where he befriends a “glitch” named Vanellope Von Schweetz (Sarah Silverman). Ultimately, Ralph wants to break his routine life and be the hero he knows he can be. With some iconic characters shoved in for good measure; Wreck-It Ralph looks spectacular! Check out the official trailer below!

Directed by David Silverman, who also directed The Simpsons Movie and co-directed Monsters, Inc; we can expect lots of witty one liners and simpson-esque gags, which everyone has to love right? Along with Reilly and Silverman, Wreck-It Ralph features the voices of Jane Lynch, Jack McBrayer, Dennis Haysbert, Mindy Kaling and Alan Tudyk. This film will reach our screens on February 15th along with the beautifully animated short; Paperman. Hip Hip Horray!

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