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Why The Bioshock Film Never Happened

What happened to the eagerly anticipated film adaptation of BioShock? Find out here, who cancelled it and the reasons why.

was hugely successful and was set to become a film, production even began at Universal Studios with Gore Verbinski (Pirates Of The Carribbean) sitting in the directors chair. The adaptation was first announced in 2008 and eagerly awaited but according to the brains behind BioShock (Ken Levine), things started to fall apart when another big budget action sci-fi crashed at the box office- Watchmen. Here’s a statement about what happened, from Levine:

 “Then Watchmen came out, and it didn’t do well for whatever reason. The studio then got cold feet about making an R rated $200 million film, and they said what if it was a $80 million film – and Gore didn’t want to make a $80 million film. They brought another director in, and I didn’t really see the match there – and 2K’s one of these companies that puts a lot of creative trust in people. So they said if you want to kill it, kill it. And I killed it.”

The dilapidated, 1960’s sunken dystopia of Rapture would no doubt make an awesome but costly film, which is why I think Levine made the right decision to not go into production with a mismatched director and a substantially lowered budget. Inhabited by the psychotic remnants of the creative minds that once moulded the city, the eery steampunk, sci-fi setting of Rapture has strong influences from films such as Dark City and Logans Run (as well as Ayn Rands 1957 Atlas Shrugged novel) and BioShock could work well as a neo noir/horror.  With Bioshock‘s intriguing themes and intricate plot BioShock could potentially translate very well to being a feature film in the right hands (maybe Christopher Nolan or David Lynch?) , but as of yet there is unfortunately no sign of this project being renewed.

Check out the BAFTA Q&A below where he explains all.

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