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We Headed To Paris For Marriott’s French Kiss Film Experience!

We attend the premiere of French Kiss!


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Who doesn’t love Paris? Whether you fancy re-creating that infamous episode of Sex And The City and splash out on all the Gucci and Prada you will ever need, or live the life of a Parisian hipster hanging out in cool cafes’ and diving in to the art world, it really is a city that caters for everyone. It’s a pretty awesome place.

Let’s not forget Paris’ main appeal though – being one of the most beautiful and romantic places on the planet. The fact that whenever anyone takes their girlfriend there they are instantly asked, “Are you going to propose?”, kind of says it all.

So when an email pops up in our inbox asking if we want to head over and check out Marriott’s new film premiere and French Kiss package, obviously we have packed our bags before we even know the details.

Paris’ Marriott Hotel on the Champs Elysee is slap-bang in the center of some of the cities most incredible sights. In fact, take a few minutes walk up the road and you are actually at the Arc De Triomphe. How awesome is that? The road is full of luxury restaurants, shops and theaters so you really are right in the heart of the action.

The hotel brand recently teamed up with producers Ian Sander and Kim Moses to create a short-film, entitled French Kiss, to really show off what the city has to offer and as we arrived the red carpet was rolled out for some film premiere action; and everyone being treated to a ton of free champagne, of course.

Tyler Margot

Source: PR

The film, starring American actor Tyler Ritter and French beauty Margot Luciarte, follows the story of Ethan who is over in Paris to do a talk at a technology conference. As he works to prepare his speech, which he stupidly hasn’t sorted, a mysterious girl ends up stealing his laptop and sends him on a surreal adventure across the city where he discovers the magic and beauty of Paris through her eyes.

If you have yet to have a taster of Paris then the film will certainly whet your appetite and it does a great job of capturing that Paris magic and really shows why Paris is the capital city of romance.

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Now it’s all good and well watching a film and admiring how cool the locations are, but to get a real taste of Paris you have to then go and experience it. Luckily as part of the package you are given a Polaroid camera to capture the magic, tickets to Le Louvre and Eiffel Tower, and a map of all the films locations and other notable sights.

Check out the gallery below to see what we got up to on our French Kiss tour.

The Marriott Champs Elysees’ French Kiss Tour of Paris includes :

  • Two nights’ accommodation in a Standard Room
  • ‘French Kiss’ Cocktails for two in the hotel’s Bar Atrium
  • Dinner for Two at The Restaurant’s Terrace
  • A special printed map that indicates the most romantic locations from the film. Guests leave mobile devices at the hotel.
  • A polaroid camera gift for guests to keep – to take romantic and creative pictures in as many of the film locations as they can
  • Tickets to Le Louvre and Eiffel Tower are included within the package
  • On return to the hotel, guests are reunited with their smart phones and are challenged to create a collage of the Polaroid pics taken, post the collage on their social channels with #marriottchampselysees #frenchkissfilm

Prices for the package start from €1,170. The package is valid for travel until 31 December 2015.  To book, visit or call the hotel directly on +33-1-5393 5500 and quote the code ‘LPR’.

The Marriott

Time to say goodbye to our awesome hotel for the day and get some serious walking on. Paris, watch out!

The entrance way may look small but don’t let this deceive you. 7 floors, a gym and a restaurant lie behind this door, as well as a reception area to blow your mind. There’s even an escalator to get up the first lot of stairs. Fancy!

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And let’s not forget, the hotel is actually on the Champs Elysees so stepping outside is like stepping into your own movie!

Le Lourve

With tickets as part of the package it would be rude to not go and see the Mona Lisa’s smiling face. Here we are in front of the awesome glass pyramid at the entrance.

The tickets also mean no queuing for hours on end with the regular tourists and you can have a moment of smugness as you pass the waiting crowds and impress your girlfriend at the same time.

Watch out for sudden gusts of wind making your hair go into a weird quiff though.

Le Lourve

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We spent most of our time in here looking at the Egyptian artifacts and then getting lost trying to find the Mona Lisa. The place is like a maze. If you are into your art and history you can literally spend all day here. With some of the most famous pieces of art in the world here, it’s a lot to take in.

If you are like us though, you can take photos like this one and have a giggle about it. So mature!

Notre Dame

A short walk from Le Louvre, Notre Dame is one impressive cathedral. With its gothic architecture and scary gargoyles it’s a pretty incredible sight. It’s also free to look around but we would recommend getting down ther early to avoid the queues. If if you decide not to go in though, it’s impressive enough just to stand outside and admire.

Not only that, but you can run around pretending you’re a hunchback and seem fairly normal.

Notre Dog

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What’s better than a cathedral? A fluffy dog carrying a ball that’s what! If you love dogs then Paris is full of them so get ready to love your life.

We spotted this one and just had to get a photo. It looked a bit like Boo the dog. Was literally, dog heaven!

French dogs are awesome!

Hank Burger

Both being Vegan we were extremely happy to find a vegan burger bar just down the road from the cathedral. Obviously not the most romantic meal but we definitely fell in love with these burgers!

Luckily the Marriott also caters for vegans and vegetarians as well so no matter what your dietary requirements, you’re going to be sorted.

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Vegan or not, Hanks is 100% worth a visit if you need a tasty bite while out and about –

I think the facial expression in this photo says it all!

The Eiffel Tower

No visit to Paris is complete with out a trip to see the amazingness that is the Eiffel Tower and the scene of the final romantic kiss in the film.

Even better is catching it at night when the light display illuminates the tower and really creates a magical atmosphere.

Tickets to go up the tower are included in the French Kiss package and is the perfect photo location for any romantic trip.

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And if you are looking to propose….BINGO!

Arc de Triomphe

Our final spot, and what is probably the second most well-known Paris landmark, was the giant Arc de Triomphe.

This beautiful monument honours those who fought and died for France during the French Revolutionary and the Napoleonic Wars and it’s literally a 2 minute walk away from the hotel.

Again, like the Eiffel Tower, seeing it at night really shows it off in all its majestic glory and really has that wow-factor when you get up close.

Champs Elysees

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Walking back to the hotel and looking up the Champs Elysees from outside of the hotel you can really take in just how amazing this city is.

With its rows of trees on either side of the strip looking up at the Arc at the top, photo’s really don’t do this justice!

Such an incredible view to start and end your days with.

Back To The Hotel

And finally we are back to the hotel to enjoy our complimentary bottle of champagne in our room and then down stairs for our meal in the restaurant and a few French Kiss cocktails.

Pretty sure I’ve scored some major boyfriend points today!

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Can we go back again now please?

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