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Thor: The Dark World (Official Trailer!)

Check out the latest full length trailer from Asgard here!

thor-the-dark-world-releases-a-pair-of-new-images-132862-a-1366629848-470-75From what we saw of Iron Man 3, Marvel sequels are nearly becoming as amazing as the originals. Naturally, we have high hopes for Thor: The Dark World and let’s just say the full length trailer did not disappoint. The Thunder God is back and ready for action; protecting his world from the Dark Elves of Svartalheim. However, in order to defeat these seemingly indestructible enemies… Thor has to employ an unlikely source to help him. But instead of us going on about how amazing the trailer looks… check it out for yourself below!

So what did we get from the trailer? Well, Natalie Portman’s earthling Jane Foster gets a lovely visit to Asgard; while Chris Hemsworth‘s Thor meets a big rock solid giant, which he demolishes with ease. Perfect indiction of a great superhero!

With Alan Taylor directing, Thor: The Dark World will reach UK cinemas 31st October 2013. In the meantime, check out these awesome stills supplied by below!

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