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The Second Trailer For Getaway Arrives Online

Second Trailer for the new Ethan Hawke movie Getaway is here!

The brand new trailer for the action-packed upcoming film Getaway has just arrived. This new trailer shows us a bit more of what the film is about with Ethan Hawke as the driver being led up the garden path and back again by Jon Voight‘s enigmatic caller.

He is forced to drive around town apparently completing various tasks for Voight, and Selena Gomez also features as his sidekick/fellow pawn, both of them having to do as Voight says to ensure the saftey of Hawke’s wife.

It looks similar to Speed and Die Hard with a Vengence in its story, and is return to the genre for Hawke who has recently being starring in horror films like Sinister and The Purge.

The film is out over here on October 4th and the trailer is below:

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