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The Raid Redemption (Official Trailer)

Check out the fast and furious trailer for the raid redemption right here!

There is NOTHING I enjoy more in this life than an action movie that gets it right. Welsh director Gareth Evans’ The Raid Redemption does exactly this.

Fascinated by the Indonesian martial art of Silat Evans has dreamed, as Bruce Lee did when he gave the world Kung Fu, of bringing this discipline to western audiences. So how best to do this? I know…take Indonesia’s elite SWAT team and send them to raid a high rise block of flats inhabited by the countries’ most feared crime lords. Oh, and then as they are making their way through the building cut the lights and block the exits…perfection.

All too often films of this genre make the mistake of trying to shake the cheesy action flick label by over complicating the plot. This should be used as a case study for any would be action movie directors of the future. Simple, brutal,  to the point, and as if that wasn’t enough the score is provided by Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park fame.

The Raid Redemption is due for Uk release on the 18th of May, check out the trailer below.

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