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The Man of Steel is Not So Tough

Comic book director Zach Snyder tries to prove that Superman is really a big softy in the ironically titled ‘Man of Steel’

The Biggest problem with Superman is that he is impenetrable to everything. Made achingly obvious when he got shot directly in the eyeball in ‘Superman Returns‘ and was completely fine. Seasoned Comic book adapter Zack Snyder, responsible for ‘300’ and ‘Watchmen’, plans to make the Man of Steel a little more human.

Gone are the days of our hero accepting the random nuclear fate of his home planet that led to his tenure on Earth. Snyder plans to have Henry Cavill, grown up moody superman, a more interested and interesting character. Asking the questions of “Why am I here?” and “What is my purpose?” in a pseudo religious reflection on contemporary life. Heavy stuff for a man who’s main plan of attack is punching people really, really hard.

The film sees Clark Kent AKA Superman learn of his powers and try to deal and live with them in a normal life, from boy to man. It focuses on his personal acceptance of himself and how the world might react to such a discovery as an immortal man. New stills released show the unearthly he-man being escorted by military personnel in hand-cuffs. Showing a more submissive character, bowing to the people’s prejudices and complying in a situation he could very easily escape from.

A thought provoking and barrier breaking film? Possibly not, remember this is from Director Zach Snyder, whose last attempt at social commentary was in the form of ‘Sucker Punch’. A glimpse into the world of mental health and medical malpractice in the American health service which also featured sexy school girls fighting clockwork zombie nazis and robot ninjas. As much an education as a total sensory overload. But we loved it.

Expect the same from ‘Man of Steel’ as pesky General Zod and his sidekick Faora (The only other surviving Kryptonians), played by Michael Shannon and Antje Traue respectivly, seek out Superman and try and destroy him and the Earth in no doubt; a series of massive fights and explosions.

With a release date of the 14th of June. ‘Man of Steel’ is set to be one of the big summer blockbusters this year. With an age old story and a ma-hoosive budget, it’s going to be a whole load of fun.

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