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The Lone Ranger (Official Trailer!)

From the maker of Pirates of the Caribbean, Disney’s new Western releases The Lone Ranger’s first trailer! Watch it here – yeeeeeha!

Gore Verbinski‘s trailer for upcoming ‘The Lone Ranger’ has hit the world today!  And all you have to do to see it is scroll down to the bottom of this page and click play.

But, if you’re into reading the middle stuff before the vid, then I’ll tell ya a bit more about it.

Well, we’ve all seen Verbinksi’s name before thanks to the huge ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movies, so we can at least count on a well-made movie (or at least let’s hope so, with the $250 million budget!)  Familiar faces will also be starring such as Johnny Depp (as Tonto), Armie Hammer (as John Reid – the Lone Ranger), Helena Bonham Carter, Tom Wilkinson, William Fichtner and Barry Pepper!

‘The Lone Ranger’ started out as a radio show in the 1930’s that grew into a hit TV show during 1949 to 1957.  The story is about a masked ranger from Texas who gallops around on his horse called Silver and keeps order in the Old West, against law-breakers and baddies.  Tonto, a native American, is his sidekick, kind of like what Robin is to Batman.

Due out on 9th August 2013, the trailer has come round early probably to try and drum up some excitement!  Tell us what you think – are you feeling yeeeeeha or doggone!?

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