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The Butterfly Effect Remake In the Pipeline!

Ahston Kutchers leap into serious acting become Hollywoods latest reboot, click her to find out more.

It would appear that yet again (as appears to be the trend in Hollywood currently) fear is to be struck into the hearts of all film fan purists, as the prospect of yet another ‘reboot’ rears it’s head.

This time it is the turn of Ashton Kutcher’s decade old plunge into the realm of serious acting ‘The Butterfly Effect’.The movie sees Ashton as a troubled college student with the ability to travel back in time by reading old diary entries.

The Butterfly effect perhaps did not completely transform Kuthcer’s career, but was a relative smash at the box office taking nearly $100 million worldwide, and was followed by a few straight-to-DVD sequels.

Now, New Line offshoot Benderspink have reportedly signed the dotted line and are set to begin a reboot. Original co-screenwriter Eric Bress is said to be working on the all new script however currently no director has been identified.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for film fans not to allow their hearts to sink as once again another reboot, remake, prequel, or what ever term has been invented, joins the ever-growing list being created by our modern film industry. It does reek of a lack of creativity and originality shown by contemporary writers and directors, and in this case the question has to be asked “What more can be done with this?” and further more “Why”. Flash backs to the endless Terminator sequels are hard to escape!

However in the interests of fairness perhaps we should all reserve judgement for the time being, we will let you know more about this project as we get it.

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