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The Simpsons will make a full LEGO animated episode

The Simpsons will make a LEGO animated episode which will celebrate 550 episodes

The Simpsons made a small cameo in The LEGO Movie where Milhouse, Bart’s best friend, is at a gathering of master builders. But it is not the only collaboration between The Simpsons and LEGO.

LEGO recently licensed likenesses from The Simpsons to make a brick version of the family’s iconic house available to buy. But there are some other good news for fans. The Simpsons will have a fully LEGO animated episode on May 4. It seems this partnership between the popular toy and the animated series has been in the works for a while. The upcoming episode will be called “Brick Like Me“.

The episode will follow Homer as he wakes up in a world where everyone is made out of LEGOs. He then gathers himself together, tries to find out how he got there and somehow figures out how to get home.

The episode will be a part of celebration as it is the 550th episode of The Simpsons series.

The special episode will air on May 4.

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