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Sharon Stone’s Sexiest Film Roles!

After glorious years on our screens, Sharon Stone is one of the great actresses of modern day cinema. We take a look at some of Sharon’s best moments!

After glorious years on our screens, Sharon Stone is one of the great actresses of modern-day cinema. The Hollywood A-Lister has starred in some classic pictures throughout her career, but it is her sexy leading lady roles she will be remembered. Here are three films where M Ms Stone truly is smoking hot:

Basic Instinct (1992)

Where better to begin than perhaps one of the most sexual films of all time? The Paul Verhoeven directed piece sees Stone playing Catherine Tramell, a bisexual writer, who is believed to have killed rock star Johnny Boz. The investigating officer Nick Curran, played by Michael Douglas, falls for her and begin to have an intimate relationship. The film is renowned for being sexually graphic, but it will always be remembered for the scene where Tramell is being interviewed by the police and crosses her legs seductively, over-revealing to the camera and the on-looking officers that she is wearing no underwear.

Casino (1995)

This Martin Scorsese thriller is regarded as one of the finest casino films of all time and has become a cult classic. The popularity of the film has reached far and wide and even inspired slot games created in homage to it at online casinos, which can also be found for mobile gaming on The cast does not disappoint: it featured the brilliant Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci who both revive their Goodfellas style characters, starring alongside Stone who plays Ginger McKenna. McKenna is the epitome of beauty when she first meets Ace (De Niro), and they pair immediately fall for one another. However, Ginger’s history isn’t as glamourous as presumed, as she formerly worked as a prostitute. Stone’s sexy, seductive manner throughout the film is showcased through Ginger, leading to her winning the Golden Globe for best actress in 1995.

Total Recall (1990)

Total Recall came as Stone’s big break in Hollywood, taking her to the dizzy heights of an A-List celebrity. Starring alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, Stone plays Lori Quaid, a housewife in the year 2084. Her character is said to be Douglas Loid’s husband, but in fact, this was a memory planted in his head. Reality hits Loid as she sets out with an armed group of thugs to kill him. It shows Stone as a good-wife-gone-bad, making her sex appeal even greater for some!

Sliver (1993)

Above video is NSFW

Sharon Stone stars as Carly Norris, who moves into an exclusive residential building in NYC not long after the previous tenant falls to her death from the balcony. She soon meets the handsome Zeke, played by William Baldwin. The relationship develops into a seductive sexual relationship, as she also starts a flirtatious relationship with another neighbour. Soon two other tenants die under suspicious circumstances, and Carly begins to feel suspicious of her new lover. The movie received severely negative reviews, being nominated for seven Razzie Awards including Worst Actress. Regardless of the reviews, no one can deny the hot, sexual passion and chemistry that Sharon Stone and William Baldwin had on film. Sharon was exuding sensuality even on the fully clothed dinner scenes, making those moments unforgettable for any Sharon Stone fan.

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