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Safe (Official Trailer!)

Jason Statham plays the usual intense vigilante in this up and coming action thriller Safe. Check out the official trailer here!

When I say Jason Statham what do you think about? Fights? Guns? Car Chases? Narrowly escaping death with only a few scratches? Well, the actor’s brand new film Safe has all that and more. We get to see Statham’s sensitive side as he has to protect a young 12 year old girl from a horrific end.

The film sees the anti hero protecting the life of a 12 year old genius from a group of baddies who murdered his family years prior. Sounds pretty much like every other Jason Statham film, but the fact that he has to protect a little girl while trying to survive is refreshing! Why not check out the official trailer below and see what Safe has to offer.

This film will grace our UK screens on the 4th May!

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