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Robert Zemeckis Casts His Latest Film, To Reach The Clouds

Ben Kingsley, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and James Badge Dale have all been cast in To Reach The Clouds

Source: The Dark Knight Rises

Director Robert Zemeckis‘ next film was announced at the turn of the year, titled To Reach The Clouds and casting has been confirmed today as Ben Kingsley and James Badge Dale join the roster alongside the already confirmed Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

The film will be based on French high-wire walker Philippe Petit and his walk on a tightrope between the Twin Towers in 1974. The 2008 British documentary Man on Wire also featured Petit and this same walk, 1,350 feet off the ground and was based on Petit’s own memoirs.

Gordon-Levitt has been confirmed to play Petit since February, but the casting of the other roles has been in negotiations until the official casting statements today.

The most incredible part of the stunt though was that because Petit and co. had set up the wire illegally, he was arrested as soon as he had traversed to the other side. Therefore To Reach The Clouds will seemingly be more of a heist movie, showing Petit and his friends trying to dodge the authorities and get the event set up.

Zemeckis will be shooting this summer in Canada and so expect to see this one in the foreseeable future.

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