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A Remixed Sample Of Jeff Goldblum’s “Bizarre Laugh” From Jurassic Park Emerges Online

A remixed sample of Jeff Goldblum’s “bizarre laugh” from Jurassic Park has emerged online.

After Vincent D’Onofrio was recently cast in the upcoming Jurassic World as the villain, a human villain whose machinations can be recognised as truly “villainous,” even amongst giant dinosaurs eating everyone they can get their mouths on, something possibly just as significant has occurred.

A track created by Soundcloud user FLIPSH0T who has used a sample of Jeff Goldblum’sbizarre laugh” from Jurassic Park has emerged online. After its beginning of nothing more than just a bit of Goldblum’s character’s chatter, it humorously develops into a laughable mix of the actor’s snarling laugh and strange personality. It is certainly something to behold…

Listen to the track right here:

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