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Prometheus Viral Campaign Goes From Strength To Strength.

Prometheus Viral Campaign continues, email received from Weyland Corporation.

I know I can’t be the only one who’s version of reality is beginning to become blurred due to the ever increasing viral campaign being waged by the Prometheus team.

Those who had registered with the Weyland Industries website received an email yesterday from C.E.O. Peter Weyland. After convincing myself that I wasn’t undergoing some kind of Last Action Hero moment and I hadn’t crossed over to a fictional parallel universe, the email does reveal a great deal about this film and it’s predecessors. For instance the email gives us “shareholder access” which sheds light on the nature of the company. More notably there is an updated timeline which includes the company’s terraforming research, it also mentions the interstellar police force. So from this it seems safe to assume that the Weyland Corporation were responsible for the creation of the Colonial Marines in 2065.

The email reads as follows:-

The email message read as follows:

Valued Shareholder,

Thank you for your interest in the investment opportunities offered by Weyland Corporation.

Submitted for your consideration, Weyland Industries’ most recent financial information is now available on This information is current as of this quarter and covers progress on Weyland Industries endeavours including but not limited to our ongoing cybernetics program, terraforming activities and Project Prometheus.

Visit our Investor Information page for an in-depth financial overview of the company.”

Prometheus is due to be released in the UK on the 1st of June 2012.

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