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Pacific Rim 2 Is Confirmed

The Robots v Monsters battle is back as Guillermo del Toro signs on for the Pacific Rim sequel

Source: Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim 2 has been announced with Guillermo del Toro finally committing to the project.

The film is set to be released on April 7 2017, with Legendary Pictures producing the sequel.

Charlie Hunnam is thought to reprise his role as Raleigh Becket with Guillermo del Toro working on the script.

There is not yet any clues as to what the actual plot will involve, but it is a safe bet to expect that the mechanical giants known as Jaegers will fight off the monstrous Kaijus as they pass through dimensions to terrorize Earth.

 Del Toro is working with Zak Penn on the script. Penn is known for his scripts for other blockbusters such as Avengers Assemble.

We will be waiting eagerly for more announcements on the script, in the meantime let us know how you think the sequel should play out in the comments below.

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