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Only God Forgives (New Trailer)

Check out the trailer for Ryan Goslings’ latest film, Only God Forgives.

Following an excellent reception at Cannes Film Festival, Nicholas Winding Refn‘s crime thriller, Only God Forgives brings us a new trailer  This equally ultra violent and neon washed trailer brings us into a vibrant but sinister neon world, where Julian (Ryan Gosling) sets out on a path of vengeance paved by his mother (Kristin Scott Thomas). This vendetta is against a corrupt cop called Chang who is convinced he is god and was behind the retaliation motivated murder of Julian’s brother-the metaphorical element being that Julian is someone who is stepping up to fight God. The trailer shows some familiar and some new shots, all with a tangible tension that is echoed by the perfectly matching music. The trailer song is 2020 by a Montreal rock band called Suuns. In the interview Refn describes the influences and process’s behind making the film as well as the fact that Refn is colourblind. Only God Forgives has a uk release date of august 2nd.

Check out the trailer and an interview below!

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