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New International Lucy Trailer

New international trailer has arrived for the upcoming film Lucy, starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman

Source: Lucy

New trailer has arrived for the upcoming action thriller Lucy starring Scarlett Johansson. The new international trailer comes with new promising footage of Johansson slowly turning from an ordinary woman to a mind-blowing-goddess.

Black Widows star plays Lucy, the woman living in a futuristic Asian city. One night she gets kidnapped and wakes up with a drug packages sewn into her stomach. After being beaten up, one of the packs accidentally leaks into her blood stream, it fires up unused portions of her brain, giving her strength, speed, knowledge and abilities beyond those of normal humans.

With the powers she just discovered, Lucy stars a mission to track down and stop the people responsible for her the drugs. With some help from a professor, played by Morgan Freeman, who specializes in the workings of the human mind.

With Captain America: The Winter Soldier now in cinemas and Avengers: Age of Ultron on Scarlett Johansson’s resume, we’re expecting Lucy to win over the box office when it arrives on August 22.

Watch international trailer here:

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