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New Bruce Willis G.I. Joe: Retaliation Still Released.

Bruce Willis steps into the G.I. Joe fold, check out the latest still!

When it comes to action movies Bruce Willis always appears to bring an air of credibility to a film (the man was in Die Hard). So those who were not fans of the previous effort to bring this action figure to the big screen, and trust me there were a few, will be delighted to see Willis stepping back into the fold in this latest still.

The king of high octane and one liners plays Joe Colton, the first ever G.I. Joe and founder of the G.I. Joe program. His co star in this picture is Adrianne Palicki and it’s safe to say that the pair look pretty damn intense drawing down in the image above, perhaps this means the acting wont be as plastic as the action figure itself this time??

Oh, and if you are the kind of person who is already getting excited about this, I’m pretty sure the news that Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson will be providing some added muscle to line up will bring you close to tears.

G.I. Joe will be released in the UK on the 22nd of June, and I for one am encouraged.

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