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Leonardo DiCaprio Snd Jonah Hill To Reunite In The Ballad Of Richard Jewell

The Wolf of Wall Street stars, Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio are set to reunite in upcoming film, The Ballad Of Richard Jewell.

The Wolf of Wall Street stars Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio clearly enjoyed working together, and now they are reunited for a new project, which 20th Century Fox is putting together based on a Vanity Fair article by Marie Brenner. The studio is developing a film about the case of Olympic security guard Richard Jewell.

The story follows Jewell, who was hailed as a hero when he sounded the alarm after discovering a backpack containing pipe bombs at the Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta. His actions helped clear the area, though the bomb did go off. One person was killed and dozens more were injured in the blast. Then the story follows Jewell as he becomes a suspect.

Hill is set to play Jewell and DiCaprio would be Watson Bryant, the unknown lawyer, who helped and defended Jewell‘s name. The project has been set up at 20th Century Fox, which bought the rights to Marie Brenner‘s 1997 Vanity Fair article. DiCaprio is on board as a producer, however there is no specific release date.

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