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Jupiter Ascending Is Pushed Back To A 2015 Release

The Wachowskis’ upcoming sci-fi adventure has been delayed to February 2015

Source: Jupiter Ascending

Warner Bros. have today confirmed that the release of their upcoming Sci-Fi adventure, Jupiter Ascending, will now be pushed back seven months from a scheduled date of next month to February 2015.

The directors, The Wachowskis, have stated that this is because the numerous special effects that will litter the film are not quite ready and still require some additional work.

With the initial stills of the movie featuring Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis flying through the air in a seemingly futuristic dystopia, its no surprise that the SFX team do need more time. An original release in the summer blockbuster slot of July this year was evidently highly ambitious.

The delay will inevitably circulate various rumours about the production, integrity and studio’s priorities, with a mooted date of February not exactly known for big-budget releases.

Still, The Wachowskis’ last film, Cloud Atlas showed that they still have a knack for creating unique Sci-Fi epics and so this one should still be worth waiting for.

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