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Judge Dredd (Official Trailer!)

It’s here! Official Judge Dredd Trailer…you be the judge.

After the 10-second teaser for the official teaser trailer was released – the official teaser trailer has finally landed!  Take that for a tongue twister.

Basically, the 10-second teaser was released the day before the official release of the trailer for ‘Dredd’, which seems to be becoming a Hollywood trend lately – love it or loathe it.

And here it is!  Set in a future where the earth is a wasteland apart from a select few mega cities (like Mega City One) where humanity only survives in overcrowded tower blocks.  Plagued with crime, drugs and violence the police have the authority to act as judge, jury and executioner.  Income the judge of them all – Judge Dredd, played by Karl Urban.  And it looks like he means business.

Considering what-did-he-just-say Sylvester Stallone played Dredd in 1995 Urban’s level of gruff is amped up to a suitable growl.  Urban also seems to keep his helmet firmly on throughout the trailer – which supposedly was the reason why Arnold Schwarzenegger turned down the movie and what drew in criticism of Stallone’s performance.  Moody.  Hitting the UK first in September, than the US two weeks later take a butchers for yourself below.

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