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Johnny Depp To Star In Ralph Steadman Documentary

Johnny Depp is leading a new documentary film about the life of his hero, artist Ralph Steadman.

As Johnny Depp’s last film Transcendence hit movie theaters less than a month ago, the Oscar nominated actor is already leading a new documentary about the life of his hero, artist Ralph Steadman.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star will front For No Good Reason for Sky Atlantic, with a scheduled premiere of early June.

Steadman, known for his radical work with Gonzo writer Hunter S Thompson, will be the focus of Depp’s film, which will take a “richly creative look at the power and importance of art“.

“I learnt to draw to try to change the world,” Ralph Steadman once said.

Charlie Paul will be directing the project, after spending 15 years gathering the footage and creating impressive animations in the anarchic spirit of Steadman’s illustrations. While Johnny Depp will guide viewers through the wild, drug-addled period of Steadman’s time .

The 50 year old actor’s latest film Transcendence opened disastrously in the US, making less than $11 million. Past films The Tourist, The Lone Ranger and Dark Shadows also bombed at the box office.

“I remember Marlon (Brandon) distinctly saying he had reached a certain point in his life where he was finally able to utter the words, ‘I just don’t care’, Depp told CBS last year, remembering how The Godfather actor had advise him not to work so hard.

While Depp’s huge-budget career is not over yet, his latest films haven’t succeeded in box office. Hopefully For No Good Reason will signal a fresh direction for the Hollywood A-lister and Johnny Depp will be back stronger than ever.

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