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John Favraeu Enters Negotiations To Direct New Disney Jungle Book

Fresh from directing low budget indie comedy Chef, John Favreau has now entered negotiations with Disney to direct their second attempt at a live action remake of The Jungle Book. This undoubtedly indicates that the trend of live action adaptations is now in full swing. Since 2010 when Disney kicked things off with Alice in Wonderland, it wasn’t long until other live action remakes of timeless tales began to emerge. Snow White and the Huntsman as well as Oz The Great and the Powerful soon followed and, continuing the trend, Disney now plans to release live action remakes of Cinderella as well as Beauty and the Beast.

The topic of a live action remake of The Jungle book however presents a new and interesting issue: The book is now in the public domain and so any film company can snap it up and have a go at a remake. At present, both Disney and Warner Bros are each developing their own version of the classic. What may prove to be a problem here is that the market will not only become further saturated by live remakes but by several remakes of the same story. To add to this, Disney have already attempted, and failed, to produce a successful remake of The Jungle Book story.

So as John Favereau enters negotiations with Disney and Steve Kloves develops the script for Warner Bros’ version, are we perhaps in danger of a remake overload or can we rely on Favreau’s directing skills to ensure at least one great blockbuster emerges from this classic story?

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