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Jesse Eisenberg and Jeremy Irons cast in Man of Steel sequel

It has been announced recently that Jesse Eisenberg has been cast for the role of Lex Luther in the upcoming Batman V Superman Film.

It’s news that people of the the superhero fan base have been waiting for the casting for Lex Luther in the upcoming Batman v Superman film. However, the actor that has been tasked with the role is possibly not the one that people saw coming, that man is Jesse Eisenberg.

While there was a lot of speculation around Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad‘s Heisenberg, taking on the role, it is now confirmed that the much younger Social Network star will shave his head and take on Superman.

Jesse Eisenberg is not known for playing dark roles, however his Oscar nominated portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg shows he can be a little cold and overly smart at the same time. Maybe this could prove to be the same basis he will use to try and defeat the man of steel.

As well as the main villain being cast, Batman’s confidant and loyal butler, Alfred, has found its actor in Jeremy Irons. This is also a surprising casting due to Ben Affleck supposedly playing an older Bruce Wayne/Batman than in the Christopher Nolan trilogy and Irons being 10 years younger than his predecessor Michael Caine.

No matter what the immediate reaction is of the two castings, you will have to wait until May 2016 to see them take on the two iconic roles.

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