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Jennifer Lawrence in Horror Film!

Jennifer Lawrence moves away from Katniss Everdeen to star in the horror; House at the end of the Street. Check out more info here!

The Hunger Games star is in high demand after her performance in the popular fantasy film. However, the clean cut character of Katniss Everdeen could not be further from her character in Mark Tonderai’s horror film House at the End of the Street. This film sees Elissa (Jennifer Lawrence) and her mother Sarah (Elizabeth Shue) move into a new home. Sounds pretty boring so far, yet Elissa befriends a young boy who has terrifying home truths. The young boy’s sister, before Elissa and Sarah moved in slaughtered her parents before taking off into the woods where she was “never” seen again.

Director Mark Tonderai was reluctant to give anything away about his new project, however the film still provided by Entertainment Weekly shows Ellisa in a low cut vest top with a really frightened facial expression. Doesn’t leave much for the imagination does it?

This film sounds a bit like a mash up of The Amityville Horror, Secrets in the Walls and Joe Dante’s The Hole, a narrative that has been done to death! (Excuse the morbid pun!) However, because Lawrence has been cast as the leading role, maybe this film will be a box office smash!

House at the end of the Street will be released later this year.

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