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Jane Got A Gun Set For February 2015 Release

Gavin O’Connor‘s film Jane Got A Gun has a new release date of February 20, 2015

Source: Jane Got A Gun

Gavin O’Connor‘s film Jane Got A Gun has a new release date of February 20, 2015. It was originally set to be released later this year in August.

The action-western has big cast including, Natalie PortmanJoel EdgertonEwan McGregor, and Noah Emmerich who star in the revenge tale. Portman is cast as a woman who asks her ex-lover (Edgerton) for help to save her husband from a gang. Noah Emmerich plays the husband in the film and Ewan McGregor portrays the gang leader.

Gavin O’Connor replaced Lynne Ramsay as director just before shooting was to start in New Mexico. Both Jude Law and Bradley Cooper dropped out of the project following Ramsay’s departure.

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