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Hercules Trailer Lands Online

Check out the latest action-packed trailer for Brett Ratner’s Hercules starring Dwayne Johnson.

Source: Hercules 2014

Brett Ratner’s adaptation of the Hercules myth is a far cry from Disney’s 1997 version. This new and improved Hercules is the hardest demi-god that has every lived; tearing down giant wild boars with one swift whack and tackling the many-headed hydra solo. But it looks like the warrior has an even bigger battle ahead; Hades’ zombie pals. 

Dwayne Johnson stars as Hercules, a man that has the strength and appetite of a god but the body of a human, who has just returned from his 12 labours. However, the King of Thrice and his daughter are in aid of his warrior techniques when disaster strikes the city. 

John Hurt, Joseph Fiennes, Aksel Hennie, Joe Anderson, Tobias Santelmann and Ingrid Bolso Berdal all star in Hercules, which will reach UK screens on July 25.

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