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‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Character Profile Trailers Released

Check out Rocket voiced by Bradley Cooper plus footage of Groot voiced by Vin Diesel in these newly released character profiles!


Many viewers were left feeling a little disappointed when the first trailer for Guardians Of The Galaxy did not feature the voice of Rocket (Voiced by Bradley Cooper). However, the disappointment has been ended by the release of a short character showing this feisty fur ball in action which can be seen below.

Additionally Groot (voiced by Vin Diesel) can be seen in the second video below. The character only ever speaks one line throughout the entire film which is ‘I am Groot’ and amazingly this line is not heard in the mini trailer below. This could of course be deliberate and serve to tease and create further anticipation. For now, alongside this footage of the strange tree man, viewers can also hear Vin Diesel talking briefly about his character.

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