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Gerard Butler To Star In Den Of Thieves

Director and writer Christian Gudegast, has confirmed Gerard Butler as the main role for his film Den Of Thieves

After long years in development, writer and director Christian Gudegast is relieved as his leading man role for heist thriller Den Of Thieves has been taken by Gerard Butler.

It is a big relief that he’s actually reached this stage, since he originally co-wrote the heist script with Paul Scheuring back in 1998 and watched it tumble through a void of meetings, drafts and decisions. At one point, Peter Berg appeared set to direct it, but moved on to other things. Then, in 2008, Gudegast took action to his hands and raised this project from ashes.

Gerard Butler, the star of 300, has taken to role to play the thief figuring out his most audacious robbery yet, taking down the Federal Reserve in Los Angeles under the nose of a corrupt sheriff’s deputy. The plan becomes even more complicated when he’s caught between two groups of criminals. Relativity is backing this one and has brought the project to Cannes to sell international rights.

It is still uncertain when this project will reach the level of filming, since it’s beginning in 1998 and with Butler’s busy schedule. He’s already dropped out of the Point Break remake because of a clash with Olympus Has Fallen sequel London Has Fallen. But director and writer Gudegast won’t hesitate to wait for Gerard for this role.

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