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Gary Ross To Direct Peter Pan Prequel!

The Hunger Games director has officially decided to sit in the directorial hot seat for a brand new fantasy feature entitled Peter And The Starcatchers. Check out more info here!

J.M. Barrie was really on to something when he wrote the play Peter Pan in 1904! Now we have been inundated with prequels after sequels featuring that young magical boy who just didn’t want to grow up; most famously Disney’s animated adaptation in 1953 and Steven Spielberg’s Hook in 1991.

Now The Hunger Games director, Gary Ross, who turned down the opportunity to direct Catching Fire; has decided to jump on the Barrie bandwagon and launch a prequel to the infamous tale. Peter And The Starcatchers follows young Pan who is on a mission to make friends with a young girl named Molly. Molly reveals she knows the whereabouts of a magical trunk filled with magical “starstuff” that has been targeted by the evil Black `Stache’ Moustache, an nasty pirate similar to Captain Hook. The two kids must protect the magical “starstuff” from the big, unknowledgeable adult.

This adaptation has already been turned into a Tony-winning play and has been in Disney’s grubby mitts for quite some time now. According to Deadline, the producers are waiting on the final script before they start planning the finances and casting, but Gary Ross has already put his name forward to direct.

If everything works out with the script, production will start in 2013. However, this Peter Pan tale will be in competition with Sony’s adaptation, which will have Gavin O’ Connor directing and Channing Tatum producing. Guess we will just have to wait and see which Peter Pan story will outshine the other next year!

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