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Elysium (Official Trailer!)

Matt Damon and Jodie Foster star in new sci-fi from District 9 writer/director – get a sneak peak here!

Matt Damon goes sci-fi bad-ass in a new film called ‘Elysium‘.

Also starring Jodie Foster, Elysium is the name of a space station which is home to an elite, disease-free civilisation, whereas planet Earth has become rife with poverty and crime everyone else has to lump up with.

Damon stars as the average Earth man (although I do hope not all of them have that unsightly bald hair cut), who takes on a dangerous mission to get to Elysium by breaching its ironclad immigration laws.  Foster, on the other hand, is Mayor of Elysium and will stop at nothing to keep people like Damon – undesirables – away from her precious,unpolluted sanctuary.

Set in the year 2159 this future setting is no stranger for writer-director Neil Blomkamp who brought us the very successful District 9 back in 2009.  Being Blomkamp‘s second film it has a larger budget of $120 million (£78 million), compared to District 9‘s modest $30 million (£19.5 million).

Check out the official trailer below, released in the states 9 August but over in Blighty until September 20.

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