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Disney Teams Up With Marvel For Superhero Animation!

Never thought you’d see the day when Marvel would team up with super conglomerate Disney to produce an animated superhero movie? Us neither! But it is here! Check out more information on Big Hero 6 here!

Considering Joss Whedon’s epic superhero movie; Avengers Assemble has done incredibly well at the box office, it seems unsurprising that Disney would want to get in on the action! Word about the combining of the companies was suppose to be a major announcement at this year’s Comic-Con, however, someone let slip and now we all know two weeks in advance!

The comic story of Big Hero 6 will be adapted into an animated feature by Disney and Marvel. If you are not a comic fanatic then let us summarise. Big Hero 6 are a superhero group hired by the Japanese government to fight crime, very similar to the Avengers but with very different powers.

Sunfire can harness solar power.

Silver Samurai is a sword-wielding fighter (name says it all really), who has had previous confrontations with Wolverine.

Hiro is a 13 year old boy-genius who created a robot named Baymax that can shape-shift into a dragon.

Honey Lemon, a very stereotypical female character, who that can pull just about anything of use from her purse.

Finally, Go-Go Tomago can turn her high-tech suit into a ball and fly through the air.

Disney have stated that the film is in early development and does not have a director involved as of yet. However, Marvel are in the process of developing a live-action adaptation of the Guardians of the Galaxy series, therefore it is unlikely that the feature will start shooting this year. But we will let you know all things Marvel/Disney when we get them!

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