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Detention (Official Trailer)

The Hunger Games’s Josh Hutcherson stars in this teen slasher Detention! Check out the official trailer here!

Josh Hutcherson has become an overnight superstar since his performance as Peeta in the long awaited Hunger Games film. However, before the sci-fi epic, Hutcherson starred in a smaller feature entitled Detention. Detention is a mix bag of genres, from the off-set it could be a high school comedy, then it turns into a slasher film and then more randomly a science fiction!

I think I got whiplash from just watching the trailer! But why not have a look for yourself below!

The film is about Clapton (Hutcherson), who is a high school kid that isn’t making his way up the social hierarchy at all. But then all hell breaks loose… literally and the serial killer named Cinderhella starts killing off his classmates’ one at a time (random right?). The principal decides to keep all suspects in detention, stopping the group from saving the world one school kid at a time.

With hints of Breakfast club, Scary Movie comedy and the brand new heartthrob Hutcherson, this film will probably be a big hit with the teens. Unfortunately, the film doesn’t have a UK release date as of yet so we will just have to watch this space!

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