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Daniel Radcliffe Signs Up For Frankenstein Remake!

Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe has signed up to play Igor in the new Frankenstein adaptation. Find out more here!

Emma Watson is not the only Harry Potter star that has an interesting film future ahead! Daniel Radcliffe has decided he wants to play Dr Frankenstein’s creepy, hunchback assistant Igor in Fox’s new adaptation of the Mary Shelley classic; Frankenstein.

With a screenplay written by Chronicle’s Max Landis, this adaptation is said not to follow those old school versions we have seen previously. Landis has noted he wishes to add a “sci-fi take” to the horror film with added exploration into the character of Igor.

Now, Igor is not a character Mary Shelley came up with in her novel, he was actually thought up by Universal. Igor first came to the screen in the 1939 Son of Frankenstein, where he was a disabled blacksmith played by Bela Lugosi. Then, in The Ghost of Frankenstein in 1941, Igor (spelt Ygor) has his brain transplanted into the monster. A similar character was seen in James Whale‘s 1931 adaptation but to the name of Fritz and then again in The Bride of Frankenstein as Karl. Therefore, Igor/Karl/Fritz is an interesting character for Landis to try and uncover once and for all.

The Wrap, described Fox‘s contemporary version of Igor as “pathologically dirty and dressed in old clown’s clothing”… if that’s not creepy then we don’t know what is. Why does Daniel Radcliffe wish to play this character? Well the answer is simple really; given Radcliffe’s recent films, the star is pushing his wizard-boy alter ego to the furthest depths of his mind. Let’s face it; Radcliffe’s new film Horns will require him to shave his head, cover himself in red paint and wear a dress! If he manages to get the role of Igor, Radcliffe has some fun films ahead of him.

Fox wants to push this project as fast as they can and are in the process of finalising the script. Once that has been finished, casting and director-hunting are the next big priorities.

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