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Bryan Singer Tweets X-Men Set Picture!

Come and take a look at the exclusive picture of the new X-Men film set!

X-Men: Days Of Futures Past director Bryan Singer has tweeted a picture of the X-Men set he’s filming on! On the tweet Singer wrote ‘Brightest set I’ve ever filmed on‘ and with #Quicksilver and #3600 frames per second.

3600 frames per second is a lot more than your standard framing. This results in a slow motion effect at approximately 150 times slower than your standard film and as Quicksilver’s abilities consist of super-human speed in order to capture this, very exciting camera techniques must be used! Have a look at the picture below!

What we know of this exciting new film is still limited. However, the general idea is that the X-Men send back their very angry yet noble friend Wolverine in time in order to change a historical event that would globally impact both man and mutant kind.

Singer has kindly let slip a couple of important truths surrounding X -Men: Days Of Futures Past too;

– The film will be set in 1973, however the future sections of the film will be ten years after X3: The Last Stand.
Professor X is still alive after he managed to transfer his conscious mind before he died! Cyclops does in fact still remain dead.
– William Stryker will be in the film played by the awesome Josh Helman!
Bryan Singer has revealed that he has plans for another Marvel movie but he won’t go into details about it other than name it as a Marvel Universe ‘Mash Up’!
The cast includes, Jennifer Lawrence, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Nicholas Hoult, Ellen Page, Halle Berry, Sir Ian McKellen and of course Patrick Stewart!

X-Men: Days Of Futures Past will be showing in cinemas on July 17 2014!

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