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Bourne Legacy Front Runner At US Box Office.

The Bourne Legacy is here! American audiences have been voting with their feet…what will you do?

The world of Cinema seems to have very little other than the latest instalment in the Bourne saga on it’s mind currently. First we had the hype whipped up by it’s incredible pre-release campaign, which was only to be followed by some very mixed reviews indeed.

Well fans of the franchise, terrified that The Bourne Legacy is set to be a Watchmen like crushing disappointment, may be encouraged to hear that American audiences have been voting with their feet this weekend. Taking $40.2 million may not be breaking any records just yet, but it certainly put the competition in it’s place with Will Ferrel and Zack Galifianakis’ new comedy The Campaign coming in at second launching at $27.4 million. It goes without saying of course that The Dark Knight Rises is still going strong in third having taken $390.1 million to date.

So there you have it, you be the judge, The Bourne Legacy is released in the UK as of today!

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