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4 Films Coming Out In April & May You Should Probably Watch! | Sponsored

Need a few tips for watch to watch?

With a whole selection of awesome new films about to drop over the next few months, we thought we should give you a quick run-down of a few not to miss. Get your eyes wrapped around these beauties.

Fast & Furious 7  – April 3rd

The latest in the Fast & Furious series hits our screens next month seeing Jason Statham take on Vin Diesel and the crew for more of the usual expensive car fun. Do we really need to explain much more than this? Does anyone watch it for the story? Expect insane car stunts and plenty of action.

“In the previous instalment of the spectacular Fast & Furious series, everybody’s favourite speed-crazed criminal crew reunited for a mission to London. Having succeeded in bringing down former British Special Forces soldier Owen Shaw, they received an amnesty for their crimes and returned to the US. But we also learned that Shaw has a brother, Ian (Jason Statham). Now he comes gunning for Dominic (Vin Diesel), Brian (Paul Walker), Luke (Dwayne Johnson) and the rest of the gang in this jaw-droppingly stunt-packed sequel”

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Avengers: Age Of Ultron – April 23rd

Of course, we couldn’t miss out what is probably the most hyped film of the year. Age Of Ultron will see the Marvel superheroes join forces once again to take on an insane robot looking to destroy mankind. With SHIELD gone, Tony Stark creates a new peacekeeping robot named Ultron to give The Avengers a break, but all goes horribly wrong when Ultron decides that humans are the enemy and all hell breaks loose. This is one film you just can’t miss.


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Unfriended – May 1st

The trailer for this upcoming horror has been circulating the web over the past few months so the hype for its release is pretty big. In an almost updated version of the ‘found-footage’ genre, the film follows the story of six high school friends who receive a Skype message from a girl who committed suicide after a shaming video of her leaked online. The messenger informs the group that if anyone logs out they will die. With the story being told entirely from a computer desktop it’s definitely something new and looks like it could be pretty interesting. That or it’s going to be awful. Either way you won’t know unless you watch it.


Tomorrowland: A World Beyond – May 22nd

No, this is not about the dance festival in Belgium before you think that; although we wish it was. Disney’s latest offering is a live-action sci-fi based around a girl who finds a magic pin in her possession which can whisk her away to the futuristic world of Tomorrowland (again, NOT the dance music festival).

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Discovering this power, she then sets out to find its inventor played by, one for the ladies, Mr George Clooney. Let’s be fair, you can’t go wrong with a bit of Disney and Cineworld are doing it IMAX style as well so you can really get stuck in. Time to be a big kid and get lost in Tomorrowland (not the festival).

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