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Wheretoget’s Social Shopping Initiative

The social shopping site Wheretoget that helps you find the products you want from magazines, Instagram and Tumblr is set to expand. More here.

If you’ve ever seen a picture of a celebrity in an amazing pair of shoes and wondered where you could buy them then Wheretoget is here to help. It is a social shopping initiative, similar to The Hunt, where people can post photos of the things they want out of magazines, on Tumblr or Instagram.

Once the photo is up, other users can post tips on where to find and purchase that item. It turns shopping into a more social, fun and almost game-like experience and is one of the most successful examples of its kind out there.

Wheretoget is a Paris- based start up which has raised over £1 million from Alven Capital. They will be opening a new office in New York by the end of the year, which isn’t a surprising move when you hear that about half of its user base lives in the U.S. Large portions of the users are also from the U.K and Australia, whereas only three to four per cent comes from France.

Street style is closely watched by fashionistas everywhere at the moment, although founder of Wheretoget Romain Moyne says that’s not really where the user’s are taking their inspiration from.

He said: “We have noticed that we have less than five percent of the pictures that are sent to us taken in the streets… Every other picture is from Pinterest or Tumblr or Instagram.”



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