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Vogue Makes It’s Instagram Shoppable

Vogue become the first print publication to make their Instagram feed shoppable by linking up with RewardStyle offshoot LiketoKnow:It.

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Vogue has been like a bible for many fashion lovers and trend followers across the world for over a century. Its hard to imagine how the magazine could be more influential in the industry with so many women looking to the company to find out what they should be wearing and when.

Embracing the technology available in the digital age, Vogue have managed to make their Instagram feed shoppable.  They are doing this through an offshoot of the affiliate sales platform RewardStyle, LiketoKnow:It.

LiketoKnow:It gets to work when you ‘like’ one of the images on Vogue’s Instagram with an LTK link in the caption. Once you have liked it you will be sent an email that directs you to where you can purchase the item shown in the image. Vogue receives commission for every item bought via their Instagram and with Instagram’s popularity rising, this new e-shopping experience could prove to be very profitable for the magazine.

Vogue are the first print publication to create a shoppable Instagram experience for their followers. More publications are expected to link up with LiketoKnow:It in the next few weeks.

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