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Victoria Beckham Finally Admits To That Surgery

Victoria finally confesses to that boob job!

Source: Official Facebook

Celebrities and plastic surgery go hand in hand, so why are so many of them so keen to deny it? As attitudes towards plastic surgery get more and more accepting, stars are increasingly willing to talk about their surgeries, with more and more making ‘shocking’ revelations about past procedures – as if anyone was surprised.

One of the most recent stars to finally ‘reveal’ that they have gone under the knife is Victoria Beckham.

The miraculous appearance of Victoria’s boobs in 1999 sparked instant rumours of a breast augmentation, but at the time she maintained that her body was completely natural, and that her new look was down to a push up bra and tape. Let’s take a look at the evidence:

Before 1999, Victoria was a petite A cup and then in 1999 became a full 34DD. There was no way that a push up bra alone could create this kind of transformation, but Mrs Beckham has only admitted to surgery recently – after having the surgery reversed. Apparently, the decision to remove the implants came after Victoria saw pictures of herself with her ‘boobs up round her neck’ and so decided to pursue a more natural look. For Victoria, this was probably a good decision; her small frame didn’t wear augmented breasts well and her natural boobs are a much better fit.

It has also been rumoured that she has had Rhinoplasty (a nose job) and photographs suggest that her nose is now much slimmer and the tip is more refined – although this might be a result of the picture angle. Although Victoria has never admitted to a nose job, many suggest her nose doesn’t look the same now as it did in her early Spice Girl days.

Although she has only recently opened up about having surgery, Victoria has become the inspiration behind a new cosmetic trend – nipple surgery. More and more women are now choosing to have their nipples surgically altered in order to make them look more pert and even up their appearance; the majority of women have uneven breasts, and in the majority of cases only augmented breasts are completely symmetrical. Nipple surgery is perfect for women who want their nipples to look the same without going through augmentation.

Victoria Beckham is not alone in keeping her surgery a secret for a long period of time – it took Janet Jackson years to admit to having a nose job, and Tulisa Contostavlos has also recently admitted to having work done on her lips and cheeks.

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