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Top 20 British Summer Faux Pas

Swimwear 365 have conducted a survey to find out Britain’s biggest summer no-no’s from streaky fake tan to socks with sandals. Read more here.


With the summer season getting closer and closer Swimwear 365 commissioned a poll to discover the top 20 British summer faux pas. Researchers polled 2,000 Brits to uncover our biggest summer fashion disasters from muffin tops to streaky fake tan.


1. Socks and sandals
2. Streaky fake tan
3. Swimwear that’s too small
4. Beer belly
5. Union jack shorts
6. Thongs
7. Dodgy tan lines
8. Heavy make-up on the beach
9. Skirt tucked in to knickers
10. Peeling sunburn
11. Sunburn
12. Muffin tops
13. Panda eyes
14. Saggy swimsuit
15. Heels with a bikini
16. Skimpy swimming trunks
17. A cap worn back to front
18. See through cover-ups or swimwear
19. Tattoos on legs
20. Swimwear sitting too low on the waist

Helen Boyle, fashion stylist for Swimwear 365 said: “The UK is used to having bad weather, so it’s understandable we want to make the most of the good weather when we do get it.

So summer time is an excuse for many Brits to strip off and expose as much flesh as possible. But many adults find it hard to dress for their body shape which can unfortunately lead to errors such as tight swimwear or muffin tops. Both of which can be avoided by buying the correct shape, style and size for your figure.


While Brit’s are quick to criticise and point out summer faux pas, 40% of Brits have admitted to committing these fashion crimes themselves. Number 15 on the list, heels with a bikini, is a reoccurring offence committed by several members of the cast of TOWIE.

Women wearing heavy make-up on the beach was named as a big no-no and sunburn lines was highlighted on both men and women’s ‘What Not To Wear’ list.

British wardrobes hold at least three clothing items which could result in a summer faux pas. However the majority of Brits claim they always ensure clothing and swimwear correctly fit.

Helen Boyle added: “Brits aren’t well known for communicating with strangers, so it’s encouraging to see that some
would be happy to warn a stranger if they had the potential to embarrass themselves.

Whilst Brits seem to agree on the majority of the summer faux pas we remain divided on some. In the South East over 40% can’t handle a beer belly and in Wales only 15% surveyed are turned off by leg tattoos. The people of the East Midlands don’t mind Union Jack shorts, whilst those in the North East would even class fake boobs as a fashion faux pas.

Check out the list and see if your biggest summer faux pas has made the top 20. Visit Swimwear 365 to find your ideal swimwear and stay away from the fashion no-no’s this summer.

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