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Teenage Fan Faces Mockery Via Twitter By Idol Rihanna

Rihanna mocks DJ Venus X over Twitter with the existing cyber bullying at hand, due to Venus X trying to emulate Rihanna’s red carpet outfits and her style.

Source: MAC

Source: MAC

DJ Venus X was ridiculed by artist Rihanna on Twitter, as she tried to dress up as her idol to her prom.

The renowned artist made fun of Venus X on Twitter for attempting to look like her in similar red carpet event outfit. As an idol to many fans, we may have thought that she would have attempted to reduce the mockery.

But it led to Rihanna amplifying the mockery and cyber bullying on the 16 year old teenager. Rihanna compared Venus X’s dress to the Wu-Tang logo and tweeted a sad face on Twitter.

A couple of days later, DJ Venus X publicized the closure of her nightclub and her retirement from DJing. DJ Venus X also known as Alexis Carter, claimed that Rihanna stole her brand GHET20 GOTH1K at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, when she dressed up in a ghetto goth attire.

She tweeted: “I work so hard for some dumb industry sex slave bitch to come collect all the coins and credit for my brand? @rihanna #ghettogoth”.

Well it seems like either both ladies are trying emulate each other or they both have the same sense of fashion and style…so why is there so much conflict between them both?

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