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Sophy Robson’s Nailed It

Sophy Robson uses her expertise to launch a range of press-on nails called Nail-Its. Find out more here.

Source: Vogue

Source: Vogue

Nail art is a huge market, with thousands of dedicated blogs and millions of devoted followers. Sophy Robson is an expert in the field, having worked with major fashion houses like Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs and Henry Holland. She was also behind the patriotic Union Jack nail designs at the 2012 Olympics, which she created for members of Team GB.

Sophy has now used her expertise to create a range of press-on nail designs called Nail-Its. There may be hundreds already out there, but these have been specially crafted to give you a high quality finish with minimal effort. They come in a great shape and have a more realistic shorter length, ideal for every day wear. The pack also comes with plenty of medium-sized nails as they are the most used. It seems as though Sophy really understands who her customer is and what us girls really want from press-on nails.

Source: Vogue

Source: Vogue

She spoke about her new products with Vogue: “I’ve found my own manufacturer and had everything designed to my own specifications. The glue had to be a brush-on so that it could be reusable and had the full 8g in the bottle. Little details like that.”

“It’s a custom-made product, I haven’t just licensed my name to a manufacturer… I wanted to change what was currently available by offering my own designs and making sure the shape and length of the nail was right so that people would want it. I wanted to offer something that people of all ages would want to wear over and over again and that wouldn’t be out of fashion next week.”

The designs include French tips, animal prints and half-moon manis. If you follow Sophy’s Tumblr page, ThisIsNailPorn, you may have been expecting something a little more wild and experimental. Although they are more conservative than some of her other creations, they are stylish, effortless and perfect for any occasion.

Sophy explained that they are also versatile: “You can also paint over them in different colours or add letters and patterns – I’ve been changing the animal print into camouflage in three very simple stages using a make-up sponge and a striping brush.”

Nail-Its are available now at, priced at £9.95 each.

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