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Politicians Aren’t Rankin’s Favourite

Find out who Rankin says is “horrible” to shoot, here!


Rankin is a very respected name when it comes to photography. He’s worked with some of the world’s biggest names, from The Queen to Kate Moss – he’s shot them all. But instead of telling people his favourites to shoot, he’s opened up about who he thinks is “horrible” to photograph, and there is no surprise in the answer.

“Horrible,” he said. “There’s nothing there. What they do is they have a face. There’s something there when you’re talking to them, but as soon as you pull the camera out, they have a face. A photographic face, they’ve obviously practiced it in the mirror.”

Guessed who he’s talking about? Yes, it’s politicians! The nation’s least favourite group of people is Rankin’s too when it comes to photography. But there are some political figures that he would shoot, mainly as it’s “part of my job”. These include Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-Un, to our surprise.

“I would shoot him, yeah,” he tells The Independent of Jong-Un. “It’s just that fascination of being able to go there and see it all and, you know, things that no one sees. I’d photograph anyone if I thought it was going to be interesting to me and for the people who would be looking at my photograph. I wouldn’t ever shy away from that.”

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